Cancer Ingress 2023

Back at the Aries Ingress for Washington DC on March 20, 2023, we had a mutable sign on the horizon, predicting six months of relative stability from March to September. Halfway through that six month period, it may be useful to review what I said, and whether or not it’s true.

Let’s look at and try to summarize my predictions from that post (with current comments in italics)

  1. A lot of food insecurity, with food prices continuing to rise and affect most ordinary people;
  2. Many banks in significant economic trouble;
  3. continued attacks on teachers, challenges to the transportation and communications grid, and layoffs in the comms/tech sector;
  4. agricultural issues in the field; and high real estate prices;
  5. labor troubles affecting elite brands and the entertainment industries;
  6. ongoing trouble between the owners and the operators of businesses — between the billionaires and the baristas, if you will;
  7. structural challenges to US interests and alliances, but also an ongoing wave of support for foreign military work — such as in Ukraine;
  8. a bureaucracy armoring up against a divided legislature;
  9. an increase in tourism, travel, and conferences, but with ongoing disruption of these industries — and parallel challenges in publishing and education;
  10. high-level political support from both parties for Ukraine, and deep involvement of the White House in negotiations with Congress;
  11. contention in Congress between two parties, while a moderate faction bridges the aisle;
  12. Ongoing obvious need for reform in the judicial apparatus of the country, as well as in health care spaces — but by and large an ongoing failure to address these problems.

How do you think I did?

The Cancer Ingress chart of a few days ago is not a complete replacement of that earlier chart from March — it’s more like a light modification of that chart.

The big cluster in Leo points to contentions and rule-breaking in the judicial realm of the United States — continued bad behavior by justices, ethics violations continuing to come to light, and a philosophical fight between those who think the courts and its officers should be principled and those who think that anything goes.A series of temporary patchwork solutions may be put in place, but larger changes are coming.

The Sun in Cancer (with Moon in Leo) forms a mutual reception where significant issues in the courts will replay themselves in the legislature; and legislative affairs will immediately be stymied by the courts, both at the level of Congress and the level of state assemblies and senate-houses.

Mercury in Gemini promises a two-faced approach to nearly all political matters, with trans issues and abortion/anti-abortion questions in particular continuing to occupy the attention of many leaders in government whether or not those questions are useful to the larger political dialogue.

Uranus, Jupiter, and the North Node in Taurus indicates a shift in the conversation around transportation matters, with a high degree of high-level attention and mediation on the role of workers in long-distance freight occupations: rail, package delivery, mail carrying, and similar parts of the economy. The strikes of the early part of the year are not resolved, and the WGA strike is likely to go on a while. The current balance of power is with the elites and the owners of businesses (and will be until Pluto goes direct and leaves Capricorn in late January 2024), but they may find their power slipping as soon as early November 2023.

Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in the seventh house suggest ongoing oceanic disasters in the next three months. I missed the trawler filled with migrants in Greek waters (I didn’t look at the Athens ingress chart), and the Wreck of the Titan (see also Lament for those Lost to Ocean), but Saturn’s ongoing presence in the sign of deep Ocean and the decan The Labyrinth (which proffers roundabout criticism and , and Neptune’s presence in the decan that marks enthusiasms divorced from reality, suggests at least a few more salt-water disasters in the next few months. However, the US is unlikely to be directly involved in such projects; it’s more likely to take the form of of a major ally having trouble with its ships or subs.

The presence of so many planets above the horizon suggests that the next three months are not going to be driven by what happens in the home economic sphere, but rather by large and public events out of local control. The South Node and the Imum Coeli in Scorpio in the third house prompts me to warn you that local communities will be under a lot of secret strain in the next three months as economic decisions made elsewhere bite people… but cause injury through secrecy and a sense of personal shame. Let the sunshine in and be transparent about your desperate needs; and help your local community where you can.

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