Sorcerer’s vest

The McCalls pattern that vaguely resembles Dr. Strange’s costume in the Marvel movies is perhaps the most complicated pattern that I’ve ever made.

The first photograph here, represents the completion of step… one.

There are 33 steps. It’s a bit like joining the Freemasons.

Step one: completed.

The worst part is that I won’t know until it’s on step ten or twelve if I’ve done step one correctly. I also added in steps 0.i through 0.xviii — by having to scale up all the pattern pieces so that they would fit me, specifically. The pattern is for someone with a 48” chest. I’m a 56” at minimum, and if I’m going to wear something under it, like a shirt or a couple of layers in October, I need to scale up. So this… is a 62”. It might be way too big.

But something about the pieces feels right so far.

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