Quilt: rose garden

Well, three years after I assembled the top of this quilt, I worked with a friend to quilt it, and today I bound it.

I call this quilt “the rose garden” or “garden of roses” because it looks like a garden seen from above: black paths inside a hedge, and an access path to the center of each square so the gardener can access the profusion of roses within.

The blue binding isn’t quite right, but it’s a better match for the quilt back, which is all stars and moons and suns in a mosaic pattern or context.

I’m not entirely happy with the way this quilt turned out— but I am mightily glad it’s finished. Sometimes perfect is the enemy of the good… or the done. In this case, done is definitely better.

I finished up my term as district director in Toastmasters International, on July 1. during the three years of my term of office in the district trio, the top three offices in any district, I watch the amount of sewing that I could do decline on an almost weekly basis. Now that my cycle of responsibilities is over, and I have done all three rules for a year or each, I am getting back to some projects started but never seem to be able to find time to finish.

But it is becoming clear, that my sewing business Watermountain Studios, isn’t going to be making any sort of profit as a result of Covid, and may never make a profit. This means that I have to think long and hard about whether I should continue attempting to make clothes and garments and quilts for people. It’s a big decision, but the time is coming.

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