Sun in Scorpio III

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Hey, here’s the thing about Scorpio III, “The Crow“, beginning on November 11, 2020 at 5:38 pm EST (note the time change): this a sign ruled by Mars, so it’s quite masculine; and it’s fixed water, so it’s pretty intense. But it’s also a decan moderated by Venus in her guise as a lover of bright and shiny and pretty things: jewelry, beautifully-made clothes… eyes freshly plucked from their sockets… It’s best to recognize that there’s a gothic and feral passion here, and won’t always have your best interest at heart. The name of this Decan comes from Austin Coppock‘s chapter titles of his book, 36 Faces, and he relates it to the Seven of Cups in the Waite-Smith deck of Tarot cards: a person looking up into the clouds to behold a vision of chalices, each of which holds an image representing a life-goal: power, riches, a home, a beautiful woman, secret knowledge, glory or fame, or mystical achievement. Giordano Bruno, in his book On the Shadow of the Ideas, describes this decan as the image of man bending over to grab his feet with his hands, exposing his back to be beaten by a woman. In both images, from the Tarot and from Bruno, we see the complexities of desire on display. My friend J. once witnessed a child breakdown in a crying, screaming tantrum over some silly toy or another in a department store. “Why on earth do you want that??” the exasperated mother asked, clearly at her wit’s end when dealing with the child’s utter dismay at not getting what they wanted. “I! wants! what! I! wants! because! I! wants! it!” the child screamed, pausing between each word only long enough to draw breath. The words echoed off the ceilings of the big box store, causing every other shopper in the building, and the whole staff, to pause in wonder.

Desire is a curious thing. It overtakes us at moments of great stress and challenge, and there’s no accounting for taste. The crow likes what it likes, and will steal the baubles it chooses. The image of the Crow as a constellation, Corvus, is itself a story from Greek mythology: sent to fetch the drinking cup of Apollo while the sun-god was occupied with feasting, the white crow decided to abscond with the beautiful cup instead of returning it to its owner. The goblet, too heated by the god’s regular handling, burned his feathers black and revealed his crime to all. Our desires may indeed be unhealthy, and we may in fact be burned by the consequences of those desires: but it does not prevent us from having these irrational wants — maybe it would be better to say non-rational wants. The desires appear because we have not given our hearts room to understand our own wishes and wants in this life between cradle and grave.

The ancient Greeks gave the ten days at the end of Scorpio to Kairos, the god of eternal Time. One of the Titans, the ancestral deities that ruled the cosmos before the Olympian Gods, Kairos was distinguished from Chronos or Chronus, which was measurable time — the time of clock and clepsydra, the time marked out by candle or the passage of days on a calendar. Chronos was the lord of the human side of time, knowing when your niece’s birthday is or when your anniversary might be. Kairos was the lord of both the vastness of eternity, and the moment that things change forever. The length-of-life of a star is in their purview, but so is the instant that you and your spouse realize that the last words just spoken in the heat of argument are divorce-worthy Nothing can change either of these moments. In Doctor Who terms, that widely-popular and long-running BBC sci-fi tv show, these are fixed points in time. No amount of pleading or special arrangement will move or remove them from the course of history, or delay their coming or their recognition.

Planetary Placements

We find the Sun in the ninth house in Scorpio, sharing the sign with Mercury in Scorpio I The Jawbone. Approaching a sextile with Jupiter and Pluto, the bright luminary examines what he desires, both the fair and foul, and learns to seek for what he wants. However, Mercury as a morning star speaks with two tongues — what will win affection and reputation from others in public, and with a different attitudes behind closed doors, playing out many scenarios and contemplating deliberate execution.

the axis of the North Node and the South Node is about to shift decans, from the III’s to the II’s in Gemini and Sagittarius… when it occurs, they invites us to spend more time in the comfort of our families, seeking to unify and cohere the relationships beneath our roof and with our relations, and give up the effort to steer ourselves to the tasks of beasts — rising at the urging of taskmasters and forcing ourselves into harness. Until the shift, they urge us to diligently pursue our actions and ride the horse of our career as far as it will take us; the shift occurs on November 26. Meanwhile the Midheaven asks us if we wish to be known as those who beat dead horses, stripping the flesh down to the bones of a naked argument, or if we wish to be among those who create a new unity out of a moment of alchemical heat.

The horror trio ought to be familiar to most of my readers by now: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, all hanging out in Capricorn III The Throne, operating with a mix of responsibility, generosity, and villainy in all our endeavors. These ten days see us trying to use this mix to control, shame and manipulate friends and allies — but the pimple of this nasty combination pops on November 13, finally, after months of squeezing with changes of retrograde and re-direction. Things won’t improve immediately, but many will be able to start to heal.

The Lot of Fortune is alone in the 12th house of Aquarius III Heaven and Earth, looking backward to Mars. We have opportunities for good fortune and success in the next ten days, but not in company with others — our own expertise and intelligence well applied is the best source of luck in the days ahead.

Both the Ascendant and Neptune occupy Pisces, with the east horizon clinging to the last degree and a half of Pisces III The Cup of Blood — promising a rising tide of news of cures for medical challenges — but the news should not be mistaken for the cure itself. Neptune is one of the Transpersonal planets (I’ve decided to call them the interlopers, the invaders, or the migrants, who challenge the established order suggested by the visible planets with their rulership scheme), and there is a suggestion of a promise of new medicines emerging in the next ten days. However, these have as much potential to be quack medicines or snake oil, as real treatment. Caution and discernment must be exercised.

Mars retrograde holds the middle decan, Aries II The Crown: In the second house signifying personal possessions and wealth (and Aries itself indicating the head of the body), we’re seeing a tussle over which head wears the crown. Sextile to the Lot of Fortune, the question of who stands alone and in charge over our fortune looms large in the new the ten days; the separating opposition to Venus in Libra II Links of Chain indicates a widening gap between two powers, each supreme in their own areas of concern, with one wanting to assume power by violence and privilege and the other holding power by reason of connection and relationship. It is not yet clear which power will reign in the next ten days.

Uranus, another of the interlopers, stands retrograde near the end of Taurus I The Plough. Disruptions to the logistics network and supply lines are likely to affect people’s ability to find food, and storing goods for the winter, along with seeds for the spring, is likely to be beneficial. Disruptions take many forms, as we’re discovering: sometimes toilet paper is scarce and expensive, while prime cuts of beef are cheap and abundant. Be on the lookout for great deals, as well as mindful of scarcity.

The Moon in Libra I Blindfold and Sword, and Venus in Libra II Links of Chain, speak to questions of what we value and what we esteem. Both ‘feminine’ planets in a ‘masculine’ sign speaks to the power of women to speak up and speak out, with older women and mothers speaking for justice and fairness, and younger women ‘voting with their dollars’ and with their web of interconnections. Although the US election is unofficially called for a man, and officially called for no one yet, there is a sense here that women will have much to say through their economic and political action in the next ten days. The Moon holds the early degrees of the Fifteenth Mansion, “The Covering” — an indicator of a time to pursue wealth and riches, and to make profitable trades. On the one hand, this may indicate an opportunity for many; on the other, we should remember Baron Rothschild’s words, “buy when there is blood in the streets” — sometimes fortunes are made when everyone else is dealing with an emergency.

Horoscopes by Rising sign

Pisces: Be on your guard in the next ten days against being a distributor of false information. You’re likely to have great persuasiveness in arguing for your position or opinions, but if those opinions are not rooted in fact you’re likely to have trouble. The tension between home and family, and career, is likely to be strong this week; keep your eye on the comfort of home where possible. Some generosity toward friends is warranted, but expect some venom to be on display; live with COVID precautions to be in effect during visits.

Aries: The drive to get stuff done is going to be strong. A financial review is in order, though — take the role of fiscal responsibility as a serious part of your role asa leader in the next ten days. There’s also likely to be a financial upheaval coming into your life: save more than pennies for the hard times ahead. Make more time for family matters than for your schooling or research. A supervisor causes difficulties, but another recognizes your contribution to work.

Taurus: Spend some time with a friend learning a new skill or two, as a way of coping with the upheaval in your life. Consider taking a cooking class to learn to make use of wild ingredients. You have more money coming in than usual, and a change of residence is in the offing. However, you need to communicate more clearly about what you and your housemate may want to have; right now you’re not really seeing eye-to-eye. A creative but wise reflection on your daily labors is neede, to help you understand your value and role in the world.

Gemini: Home is strongly on the end right now, along with what your partner (if any) may be doing about work. You’re worried about them being out in the world in the midst of a pandemic; they’re aware that avoiding work responsibility lead to trouble all around. If you have some gal pals, it would be a good idea to go on a “just the girls” entertainment — the fun yo have with them is likely to be creative; even a dance party in the driveway may be valuable. Consider carefully any woman’s advice right now — it’s likely to be rock-solid, grounded in fairness, and potentially valuable. But a man’s advice may lead you into undesirable trouble, particularly mansplaining. If you’re a man, be wary when giving unsolicited advice to friends until November 20; it may turn to bite you.

Cancer: The time is ripe to plan a refreshment of your household appearance. Draw up a sensible budget with a spouse — and then downscale from that. If you have plans for an entirely new kitchen… maybe replace an appliance or two. Want a new roof on the whole house that will last a century? Maybe you can get a 10-year roof. Want all new living room furniture? Replace one couch. Make your plans, check in with your mom or woman friends about your plan, and stay within the budget. It may not be time to start the renovation, in any case. But planning your work may certainly help deal with the winter blahs. A review at work may not go well, but bitching about it on social media will not help. Touch base with a writer friend instead; they can write the person into their National Novel Writing Month project, and give them a small dick as revenge.

Leo: A surprise in your career makes you the upstart, but also gives you a project for which you may be badly under-prepared. If it happens, cut some time from your scheduled efforts for a deep dive into the subject of leadership — but you’re gong to need more ‘feminine’ traits to build a solid team, like listening to others and collecting advice. The worst course of action is to try to take charge and be in command; admit what you don’t know, get the best advice you can, and accept guidance. Until you understand the shape of the work, you’re likely to be the worst partner in the team. It’s not fun or easy for you, of course, but there’s a long-range benefit in asking for help.

Virgo: A careful analysis of what folks around you is saying may reveal that they’re under the spell of a number of strange delusions — and they may be attempting to gaslight you (aka, convince you that you’re mistaken about the truth of something). If it’s happening at work, recognize that this isn’t your dream job, and seek more amenable employment; if it’s in your generation, a firmer teaching process may be necessary; if it’s an elder, you may need to gear up for a fight; if it’s a friend, you may have to have a serious discussion about the nature of law and responsibility before the poison comes out. Decide carefully who’s worth your time, and who you want to keep around — your relationships to others should be of paramount importance in the next ten days.

Libra: Your tasks in the next ten days are likely to involve a great deal of integration of old ideas from the past, and finding your own way to make peace with their legacies. Some of this will involve confronting financial secrets, or making peace with questions of sex and sensuality. It will also require that you face up to an unpleasant issue with a housemate, and pop the bubble of silence that you’ve allowed to fester around some problem. A romantic or business partner may lash out around finances, but some inquiry may realize that the problem is theirs and not yours. Devote additional time to education and your own higher aspirations in these ten days ahead.

Scorpio: Are you learning what you intended to learn during the pandemic? Have you written it down and created the right path moving forward? Have you focused your attention on your travel plans for when “all of this is over”? There’s less money than there should be, but remember you’re cultivating a reputation right now; so focus on your delivery to commissioning customers. Dream big on your own works, but remember to mix their needs in with your wants. A family matter needs to be exposed to the light as the mess that it is, but wait until the other shoe drops sometime between the 13th and 15th. Take extra care with cutting and burning tools in the next ten days, and save yourself an injury.

Sagittarius: Career aims and leadership roles and building a reputation is like pushing rope right now, or maybe feels like trying to ride a dead horse. Keep doing the same work, though it feels useless. There’s a lot of pressure on your finances now, and it won’t really ease up for another month and a half, maybe more. Reaching out to friends and allies in your network make give you new opportunties. You also have to spend some time expanding the range of your skills through personal research and maybe a higher-level class or two. A couple of women friends and allies can help you evaluate your entrepreneurial endeavors. Do not call your ex, regardless of gender.

Capricorn: You can probably feel the fight between you and a relatively new friend coming. It’s obviously in your bones; and while it might have to do with money, it’s just as likely to be an argument over how they (or you) treat women in the workplace. Some money or good fortune may drop into your lap from a solo project or side hustle, but it’s just as likely to go right back out the door if a family member gets into difficult. A problem at home requires your attention, and you may want to give the place a once-over before anything goes wrong: you might spot wiring problems or a risk under the roof.

Aquarius: Find the time to express your gratitude in a moment of solitude. The universe is listening to you right now, but not to hear your innermost desire. It’s waiting for you to say thank you for all the riches you’ve already been given. With that in mind, you should be conscious of and avoidant of any get-rich-quick schemes in the next ten days; anyone looking to get rich quick is planning to do so at your expense (and it may be a family member). An examination of the basement or foundations of your house, or a walk around your property, may reveal problems you’ll want to address before winter weather sets in (or before a spring storm passes through, for my readers in the Southern Hemisphere). You may be called upon to participate in a secret project at work — take notes, cover your tail, keep your pants zipped: it may all come out eventually. Take your mind off that trouble by starting a creative project or two for older relatives to receive at the winter holidays.


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