Judicial Astrology: Aries Ingress 2020

The new Aries ingress occurs on March 19, 2020 this year, at 11:50 pm local time. This marks the start of the judicial year for the United States of America.

an image showing a star over Washington DC, and the meridian line through it.

The Ascendant is in Scorpio in the first house, indicating that the chart is good for the full year about to begin, March 2020 to March 2021.

The first house represents The People of the nation, in this case the United States. Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is usually regarded as intense and sensual; with Mars in the third house, in Capricorn, it is somewhat diminished by being cadent, yet strengthened by being exalted. The people who are less often heard from in political circles are likely to be riled in anger, and coddled by the authorities and the politicians — given great leeway and saddled with relatively few responsibilities.

The Sun, representing the country’s leader, is also in a cadent house. Although it’s exalted in Aries, it’s in a relatively weak position at the start of the year — but aligned with the working classes and enjoying the support of the military’s rank and file. He’s at the bendings of the current eclipse cycle — halfway between the North and South Node — suggesting a critical time between doing too much and not doing enough. The decisions today will carry weight for a longtime afterward. A bit more than halfway to midnight from the Descendant, the leader’s power is likely to grow in the direction of personal comfort and control, but decline away from respect and honor.

chart of rules for mundane astrology
Aries Ingress chart 2020 DC
Chart for Washington DC at the Aries Ingress 2020

The Moon, on the other hand, represents the People, and particularly that portion of the People who are able to make themselves heard in the councils of government and politics. Angular in the fourth house, she indicates a growing concern with the Land and the People, and the relationship between them; concern for the state of the country; and the growing power of the group in the minority in the legislature. Yet in Aquarius, she has no particular dignity — at 13°, she is the Lucky Star of Hidden things, the 25th Mansion by tropical time. Here, she urges the planting of gardens this spring, and the caretaking of fruit trees and the landscape around them. Yet by sidereal time — her true relationship to the stars behind her — she warns of the Devourer, the force that eats up all our substance. Thus, she steers a troubled course, between the personal responsibility of planting and harvesting, and the challenge of watching our treasures used up and dispersed, all through the coming year. Traveling toward the Sun, and the dark of the Moon, she still hints at a union of hearts and minds as the leader directs and governs his people, though — so the election’s results are not clearly indicated.

The lower half of the wheel in a judicial chart is largely concerned with the economic sector, though, and not the political sector. As a result, the more-vocal parts of the minority political party will be concerned with the bread and butter issues of working people. Yet with the Moon in Aquarius, we’re likely to find that these concerns are a lot of stale, unmoving air — a lot of proposals that create a lot of intellectual wind, that don’t go anywhere.

In the economic realms, the Second House, Sagittarius (here ruled by Jupiter in the Third House) indicates that the banks, mortgage houses, and pension funds are likely to continue to struggle. Jupiter is in Capricorn, where it is cadent and in the sign of its exile (“like a man under house arrest, and trapped in the home of a sick man,” as some traditional sources have it), and conjunct Mars — who is exalted by sign, and in a term that he rules — and doubly-besieged by the forces of Mars and Pluto, the South Node and Saturn. Whatever the challenges the financial sector has this year, it’s unlikely that its leadership, or the institutions themselves, will escape the grip. It’s likely that some financial resources will be commandeered, rerouted, or differently managed, for the sake of establishing boundaries and cordons-sanitaire.

The Third House is in many ways the weight at the bottom of the chart — Four planets (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn), the Sign of Fortune, and the South Node are all in Capricorn, indicating a military, legal, eldercare and energy-intensive response to the closure of highways and byways, waterways, and the usual agricultural plenty of the land. All these planets are cadent, indicating that they are not in the strongest parts of their daily cycles — yet Mars and Saturn in particular are considered quite strong here in Capricorn, and indicating that a wild, haphazard, and largely-unmanaged response to the coronavirus should be seen as… fairly typical.

The Fifth House, representing the concerns and priorities of the elites, suggests their ongoing and continued meddling with media (represented here by the presence of Mercury), and their close relationship with the unconscious dreams of the Imum Coeli (or IC). However, the larger looming power of the Lord of Ocean, Neptune the dreamer and the Earthshaker, suggests that deeper undertows are at work, and that both illusion and reality have their own vast tidal forces. Commanding the powers of media, the elites are likely to infect our dreams with disturbances… yet these disturbances are likely to have real-world consequences that press their nostrils in the incontrovertible feces of the situation they have created.

Foreign allies, represented by the Seventh House, are likely to see their stable, old comfortable relationships in an ongoing state of turbulence. Uranus continues to cause confusion and disorder in the world of international relationships, even as the domain-lord Venus tries to hold the alliances of the past in some kind of stability.

All in all, it’s a year of strange stability. More of the same that we’ve had — a great number of unresolved challenges, a lot of ongoing gridlock, and no real resolutions of the problems the nation faces.

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