Sewing: Astrologer’s haori

Fancy yourself an astrologer of renown? A wizard of grace and power? How can you be, when you’re not robed in arcane symbols, like the wizards in peaked caps and robes of old?

I imagine it was different for Japanese wizards.

Medium-sized haori or men's top in a Japanee style, with square arms and body, sized for a 34-36" chest
Medium-sized haori or men's top in a Japanee style, with square arms and body, sized for a 34-36" chest.  Fabric pattern of stars and constellations in red, orange and blue.

Overall, the design of a haori is fairly simple. It’s a traditional men’s garment design from Japan, as I understand it, with mostly-square and rectangular pieces of cloth forming the two front panels, the two back panels, and the two sleeves. Additional strips of cloth become the side-ties on the right-hand side, so it’s impossible to close the garment in the wrong way — It’s always going to be tied shut on the right (unless you choose to be very forward, and leave it dangling open). It’s a Joann quilting fabric (it’s very hard to find clothing fabrics printed with this outlandish a design of stars and planets), so it’s better for indoor wear or in semi-tropical climates — and I wouldn’t use this as a raincoat.

Proud enough of this garment to include my label.

I am proud enough of it to put one of my new labels on it, and an additional label indicating size. The garment is a men’s medium, probably suitable for a 34″-36″ chest. And I am going to put it up on Etsy , so you’ll be able to buy it (but after Christmas, alas, it wasn’t ready in time to ship out, unless you buy it tonight — I’m headed to Florida late tomorrow morning).

Detail of pattern of fabric, a 100% Joann Fabric cotton showing planets and a star-field.

So, if you’re ever interested in dressing like a wizard, in a robe marked with stars and planets and constellations and stuff…. or maybe you’re a modern astrophysicist (they’re sort of wizards, aren’t they?), then maybe this haori is for you.

And if you’re interested in something along these lines, custom made for you with a theme and chest size of your choosing, that can be arranged as well. Just let me know.

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