Sewing: New Bag Design

I learned a new bag design for a small Tarot bag, today. It’s for sale on Etsy, but I learned how to make it by varying this design to a smaller zipper.

zippered bag on a fabric cutting matI like the design, really.  It’s rather elegant; you can do a lot with two or three fabrics and a bit of ribbon — and what I’ve done with this particular bit of fabric and ribbon pleases me quite a bit. It’s certainly nowhere near as fiddly as a kinkachu bag, which requires a lot of attention to detail, and a much higher price than many will pay, when laborers in Thailand or China or Malaysia will make them for a cut of 10% of my price. Will this particular design please the readers and perhaps a purchaser? Too soon to tell.

I was a vendor (live, and in person!) at an event called Feast of Lights, sponsored by the EarthSpirit Community, this past weekend.  I wound up selling a good many things out of my inventory that I hadn’t expected to sell — but I have some new storage space for stuff that I didn’t have last Friday. I’m pleased by that, too.

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  1. Aha, I see some familiar looking sewn objects in the last picture on the page!

    The quoted price for shipping, is that on top of the base price?

    • I don’t know what price it’s quoting for shipping to Canada these days, but I imagine it’s pretty high — All sorts of rules and regs, these days.

    • I’ve emailed you a screen shot from the Etsy checkout page.

      Seriously, are they charging so much because a postal worker’s mind might get blown? :-p

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