Sewing: Science Robe

img_9432Maybe there’s someone in your life with whom you have a little chemistry?

Maybe you’d like to get physical with them at Valentine’s Day?

This is a Men’s size medium robe or haori, available on my Etsy site as of today.  Medium should be about a size 34-36 chest, though they tend to run a little large anyway.   The fabric is black, with white resists of DNA, the words “chemistry” and various atomic and chemical formulae arrayed randomly along its sashes and sleeves.

This one was fun to make, and it turned out well.  It was enjoyable fabric to look at and read as I made the coat, and it’s a nice, lightweight cotton fabric, perfect for cool nights by the hot tub or warm nights sitting by the fire.

img_9433Are you interested in owning this particular haori? I’ve decided that I’ not going to make this one in all five sizes, Small through XXL, because it is likely to be more interesting if you know that you’re the only one who’s likely to own it exactly like this.  And that’s the case here — there won’t ever be another one like this from Watermountain Studio.

If you’d like additional photographs, please let me know.

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  1. Do alchemists use ceremonial robes?
    If they do, this would be an interesting spin on the formula.

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