Astrology: Just read charts

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Detail from a photo by user Dnalor_01, From Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

Several times now, I’ve heard the advice that would-be astrologers should “just read charts.”  I kind of ignored this advice for a while — I felt that I needed to know more about how to read a chart; to memorize more instances of what, say, Venus in Scorpio retrograde might mean; to enrich my grasp of what Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed meant, to know more examples of what the individual planets meant; to have a better grasp of what aspects were and how they played out, both against one another and in auspicious relationship.

In the last few weeks, though, I’ve “just read charts”.  Before now, I’ve read charts haphazardly, one here followed by a break of several months, followed by another over there and then a break.  Lately I’ve had the chance to read five or ten in a row, and the differences are kind of nice.  I really like being able to look at a chart and see a bunch of things pop out, and as I speak them aloud, a second round of stuff pops out, and then a third.  There’s easily enough stuff in just a chart that I feel that I can talk for an hour or so from “just reading the chart.”


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