Sewing: advent calendar

Christmas is coming. Even though it’s not yet August it’s important to have things either for sale or for gifts that are relevant for Christmas. And so I’m making these cute reusable Advent calendars, for marking off the days until Christmas. The first one is available on my Etsy site.

The fabric, when cut and folded, forms twenty-four pockets (four rows of six) with pretty Northern/Santa/winter themed pictures in simple shapes. The idea is that a chocolate or candy goes in each pocket, and you draw them out Day by day. The fabric comes from Makower UK, the Henley studio. I made a bunch of these last year to give as gifts. These three will go on the website for sale. About a half-yard of fabric turns into an advent calendar each. In general it’s a pretty neat idea: the upper part of each half yard turns into the body of the calendar; and the lower half is four strips of pockets.

Companies like Spoonflower which produce custom yardage of user designs, make me think about what other sort of calendars could be produced this way. Spoonflower is expensive, but at the same time it ought to be possible to produce some quite stunning things this way.

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