Sewing: cloth buttons

I’m making more of these cauldron bags, which require a small button to cover over the mess on the bottom of the bag.

The tool to make a cloth button is a small clear plastic divot or hole, into which a piece of cloth and a button blank are placed. On top of that a button backing is placed; and then a blue plastic pump or presser to lock the three parts together: cloth, button blank and button back.

Here’s three of these cloth buttons, plus the tool, plus one such button sewn in place.

I’m discovering that the last stages of these bags require considerably more attention with hand-sewing than I previously estimated, and that means that I’ll probably have to change the price or provide some sort of different accessory for them — a set of runes or Coelbren to go with them, or something along those lines.  Not sure quite what I’ll do, but eventually these bags will be for sale on my Etsy site at Watermountain Studio.

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  1. Hello my friend – I like you constant updates of learning. We should all be so aware!
    That said, I did have to send you a message via facebook messenger – I hope you’ll go take a look.

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