Sewing: tarot bag panels

I’m back to making quilted panels for large-ish Tarot bags.I made one of these before I went away last week to deal with a family crisis (which you can probably guess at from the last post). The second was produced today, and soon the bag will be for sale on the Etsy site. Unless you want it yourself, in which case you should leave a comment and ask for it — It’ll likely be $60 plus $5 shipping.  The interior will be a sky blue cotton, fairly thick, and it’ll have a double-drawstring closure to keep your cards inside.

I suppose the bag could also be a very effective tool for holding other things besides Tarot cards, but that was my initial thought upon making this bag.  It doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used for other things, though. 

This second photo gives you a sense of my process and plan — the making of these quilt panels is very much an additive process. First I build a smaller section up to a certain size, then another section up to a certain size, then I match and align them in some way that seems pleasing, and stitch them together.  It’s less “3D printing” or “Mass Manufacture” than “solve et coagula” — cut up and reconnect, or dissolve and recombine. Which somehow seems apropos for a Tarot bag, hence my focus on producing such a bag.  It’s made of 100% cotton fabric, and polyester thread, and not much else.  Does it speak to you?

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