Sewing/Magic: Kufi-style hat

The Kufi is a popular hat in many warm, dry, and Muslim countries — it keeps the sun off the top of the head, it shelters the skin, and it sometimes demonstrates or represents a particular act of piety — memorizing the entire Quran.

Among some others, it’s may lbe used to show a certain level of attention to the teachings of Hermeticism, and an awareness of the cucles of the seven visible planets — in the original sense of wanderers: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, The Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Accordingly, it was an honor to produce seven such hats in the seven traditional colors of the planets for a Hermeticist of some repute and dignity. The first three were already made as a part of the pattern iteration process; once the pattern was set, it remained only to produce an additional four in alignment with the desired pattern.
The pattern wound up incliding some very specific timing, though. It is traditional in magical circles to consider questions of time in the making of magical objects, and by chance some very good windows of opportunity presented themselves while these hats were under construction.

I don’t know that I’m the only hat maker or sewer that specifically considers astrological timing when I make things for magically-inclined clients— but I think I get better results in my work for magical clients when I do consider astrological timing. How do I iterate that, continuing my sewing work? I’m not sure— but of course if you need something made, be in contact.

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