Sewing: Larger Tarot Bag

I’ve been experimenting with making experimental panels of various sizes.  And I stumbled across a pattern for a bag for a Tarot deck on Pinterest.  So, I’ve been making panels to that size specification. It’s large for most of the Tarot decks I own, but it’s the right size for a Tarot deck, a small medicine bundle or a bag of protective herbs, or similar stuffs (or maybe an altar cloth, too).

The two bags I’ve made have both been in the teal and blue color family, with a fair bit of purple, because there’s someone who wants a bag in this style.  I haven’t hit exactly the style or pattern or sense of motion they’re looking for, unfortunately, so I’m experimenting. It’s a lot of work to piece something like this, and it does lead to some places/portions where the bag doesn’t lie flat, or the sewing machine birds-nests the assembly process a bit in the last stages.

Still, they’re probably not like most other Tarot bags on the market.

And they’re unique on both sides.  This one, I’m pretty proud of the panel that I think of as the “front”, which has a “doorway” sense to it (photograph above).

Want this bag? It’s yours for $60 on Etsy.

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