Sewing: Making Stuff

IMG_7613Yep, making more stuff today, because it only counts as a sewing day if you sew something.  So I made the body of another kinkachu bag, thus finishing out the strips that I had cut as an experiment.  It’s an unusual bag, as you can tell — weird colors like red and orange and green mixed with two different prints.  I’m not at all sure how I’m going to go about finishing it off — anything that I add to this is going to create some weird emphases.  But I’m willing to bet that whoever eventually owns it, isn’t going to be able to settle for something else in its place.  It will be this bag, or nothing.

I also finished up about a dozen pinwheels for a quilt project. These were left overIMG_7615 from a project of making bags for a friend of mine as a private commission.  I have two yellow squares, eight black-and-red squares, eighteen of the lighter-blue squares (half clockwise, half counter-clockwise spins), and eight of the darker blue-and-red squares.  That’s thirty-six squares.

It takes ten squares to make a omiyagi bag, which consists of ten panels or squares assembled into five of the six sides of a cube.  So, I don’t have enough of two different types of squares to produce a bag composed exclusively of those.  I could add the yellow squares to one of them… but it would be weird; the yellow and the dark red don’t really go together, and the yellow and dark black don’t really go together.

Maybe a unifying background fabric?  Pinwheels set in a background of white or blue or some kind of print?  I don’t know.  It’s not tricky to do that, but I like the idea.  Not sure I have the right fabric, but we’ll play around.

It always starts with play.

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