Sewing/magic: geomancy bags

Recent commenter Jeffrey P. asked if my Viking bags were comparable with “geomancy sticks as taught in DOGD?” I presume he means the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, of which I am a member. And I told him, no, they’re not. Wrong shape, really. But — I had a few strips of cloth that were suitable, leftover. So I made such a bag, Jeffrey, just for you (the geomancy sticks are mine, for size, but I’ll see about making a pair to include).  Is there interest in me making more of these bags, and their attendant wands?  Let me know — I won’t be able to make them out of this fabric (because it’s all gone at this point, sewn into rune/dice/Coelbren bags) 

For comparison, I’ve thrown in a second photo to show the two bags alongside one another — a Coelbren/runes/dice bag is big and round and sits flat on the table when open; a geomancy sticks bag is long and flat and narrow, and can’t stand up on its own. Both are reasonably portable and small, and both are made of this cute Viking fabric with horned warriors running around waving spears and swords and shields.

I don’t write much about my geomancy practice (I leave that to Digital Ambler, although I should start writing about my practice more), but I’ve been casting a daily shield chart (and now a house chart) pretty regularly for five or six years now. I’m generally pretty good. This year, I started casting charts for clients, too.

I believe, as well, that you will find me teaching a workshop on geomancy at A Feast of Lights this year in Sturbridge, MA.  I haven’t gotten official confirmation that I’m on the roster to lead a workshop, but I’ve done this workshop for several years now, there, and no one has suggested that I’m NOT doing it. So consider coming to that…

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  1. Just let me know what size of sticks you made it for, and e-mail me the billing details. As lovely as those sticks are, my understanding is that making the sticks is part of the exercise.

    • My sticks are 1″ wide, 7 1/2″ long, and c. 1/8″ thick. My guess is that you could make them up to 3/4″ wider, 1″ longer, and not too much thicker before you’d have trouble getting four of them out of the bag. For you, $20. I think I’ll be making some more bags up, and they’ll be more than that.

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