Sewing: Many bags

I found some fun fabric for making rune bags for Heathens, or bags for role-playing gamers who need cool places to store their dice. There’s lots of other people who might enjoy using these bags for storing something, too.

Alas, they’re probably not going to be able to get it.  I have enough fabric to make maybe 25 bags. I thought about making pillow-cases, but then there’d be only one or two, maybe three pillow cases… and this fabric, and the two other fabrics in this collection of Viking-themed 100% cotton prints… are out of print.

Who knew that fabric patterns went out of print just like books?  I didn’t.

So, I’m making bags. I’m going to an event at the end of January/beginning of February, and I want to have 25 of these bags made. Then they’ll go up for sale on Etsy.  And when they’re gone… they’re gone.  It’s a shame, too, because it really is cute fabric despite being full of bearded warriors with highly dangerous weapons and horned helmets (the historian in me does object to the horns, because they’re not historical at all for the Viking period…).

There’s two more fabrics in the collection. I was able to buy about 4 yards of this one and one of the others, all that was left; and about a yard of the third fabric.  I wrote about turning one of those fabrics into dice-bags a while back. And I finally got the courage up to cut into this fabric and make bags out of them in bulk, rather than waiting for “a better project” to come along.  I have ten of the 25 done, the rest should be done shortly.

I still have to decide what to do with the third fabric.  It’s the same Viking warriors, but in a longship… and if I make these sorts of bags out of that fabric, there won’t be a complete longship on any of the bags at all. So this is the wrong design for that work. I could turn each ship into an appliqué on the outside of a different bag… but that doesn’t feel right either.

Which is part of the point, I guess. Sometimes we buy fabrics because we know that someone, somewhere needs this design in their life — and that we probably know them, or can find them through the Internet, or whatever.  But just because the fabric (or other craft material) exists in our archive, doesn’t mean that the right project immediately leaps to mind. Someone out there wants a dice bag with Viking warriors on it, even if those warriors are overly cutesy.  And someone wants something with a cute viking ship on it, too.

But it’s not a dice bag.  Oh, well… the right project will suggest itself eventually. They always do.


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