Sewing: clearing Christmas

I cut far more stocking-pieces out than I actually had time to finish making.  So today was about clearing away Christmas, to some extent.  I wound up making six stockings today.   I still have a few more to produce, though — all the red ones, in fact.

And now I’m going to put them away for about eight months. Somewhere safe, I suppose.  In the hopes that I can bring them out and put them on Etsy in time for the Christmas rush.  Or… maybe I’ll be giving them away to friends in eleven and a half months because I don’t like the idea of stocking inventory (That pun was totally accidental. I promise) or letting finished things hang around too long.  These stockings are (mostly) lined with that candy-cane cross-section pattern, but some have French seams instead.  They’re a lot easier to make than an omiyagi, but they’re a lot more boring.

Mostly, I’m gearing up to try to produce some men’s coats (mostly pirate style, but perhaps some others) and some other costume pieces before the Stag King’s Masque and Feast of Lights.  It looks like I’ll probably be teaching there again, this year, but I don’t know for sure.  You should think about coming… the stuff I produce in the next month will likely be on sale there (and the leftovers will go to Etsy).


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