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Saints 2018

Jason Miller did the thing “Good readings with bad tarot decks”, inviting people to do readings for 2018 with tarot decks we don’t think are particularly good. I’d just been given a deck of saints’ images for Christmas, and given how powerful image magic can be, I figured I’d design a question for the coming year: which saints should we attend to, this year, and that shook out as … What saints will be most helpful to us in 2018?.

Here’s the answer, at least according to the question I asked, and this deck. If you want a more specific reading for yourself, you should be in touch.

Sarahluna gave me a “deck of saints” for Solstice this year; and Jason Miller was doing a thing of “good readings with bad decks.” So herewith, the Saints you need in each quarter of the coming year.

Overall, it’s a St. Catherine year — tortured to death on a wheel, she’s the patron of mothers. She’s a reminder to be good to female companions in the coming year, to seek and follow their advice, and to develop one’s persuasive powers: we’re going to need them.

Quarter 1 belongs to St. Mary Magdalene — the repentant sinner, the witness to the Resurrection. Expect great changes, a break with old conventions, and an end to past behaviors.

Quarter 2 belongs to St. Charles Borromeo — a bishop of Milan and an ally and supporter during a plague. There will be a need for you to redouble your working efforts. Work with your brothers and sisters for cooperative success. Turn more frequently to the traditional teachings.

Quarter 3 belongs to St. Francis Xavier — expect to travel, to be a missionary for your ideas, to deal with foreigners with both more frequency and kindness. Accept transfers, seek new experiences, take work in foreign countries.

Quarter 4 belongs to St. Zita, which happens to be the last card in the deck. Help the poor, engage in introspection, prayer, and acts of faith. Hold yourself in reserve for what’s coming, don’t commit too deeply to anything but the divine.

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