Magic: Divination for the New Year

I’ve been debating doing this for years. And I’m finally starting.IMG_7162.jpg

Do you want some insight into what your future is going to be in 2018?  Do you have some doubts about the value of Tarot or astrology to forecast your future? Do you want some clarity about a question that’s nagging you on the eve of the New Year?  I might be able to help you with that.

For $50 (US), I’ll throw my geomancer’s wands in the air, and read the symbols that result from them.  I’ll interpret the chart for you, and give you insight into a few major areas of your life, such as your career, your love life, your home life, and your friendships.  I’ll create both a shield and a house diagram with geomancy’s emblems, and explore what they mean with you. Where the geomancer’s wands appear to touch on key details, I’ll happily consult with you for up to an hour on what the chart might mean for you personally.

This is a special deal, though.  I’ll create and study and explain the charts of up to five people each on today and tomorrow; and after the New Year I’m raising my rates.  First ten people to respond to this offer (and pay using PayPal) will get me to do their chart… and then I’ll be away for most of the first week of January 2018.  And my rates will change, probably in an upward direction.

What is Geomancy, you might ask? Polyphanes, over at the Digital Ambler, can tell you so much more than my site can.  Yet it’s a system of divination that relies on a set of sixteen symbols generated by throwing four sticks in the air and reading a binary pattern from them.  These symbols are combined and recombined — computed, one might say — to create a clear result that explores the question that is asked.

Right now, the question is, “What will this person encounter in 2018?”

Is this for you?  Leave a comment below.

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