Sewing: stockings

We were having a party tonight. I made stockings like mad. In part I wanted to give them away as party favors to people would like one. I also intend to make some for my family — because stockings on Christmas morning is an important tradition for me, but also it’s a way of limiting Christmas excess. “If it fits in a stocking, it’s an appropriate gift from Santa, usually.”

I have made a significant mistake though. Normally if you were going to craft socks, or stockings, out of fabric, you cut them on the bias. The bias is the diagonal of the fabric. When you cut on the diagonal, the resulting object made from the cut out has a little bit more flexibility and give in it. It is less rigid. The stockings are fairly rigid as a result of the straight cut. Next time on the bias, I think.

I am also sewing them with what is known as a French seam. The French seam involves sewing them with right side to part, then turning the garment, then sewing again with right sides together, then turning again. The result is a highly sturdy seem, which sometimes pokes out from the inside. The stocking won’t fall apart anytime soon.

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