Sewing: I have not been idle

It hasn’t been just fabric baskets. I’ve also made a dozen or so stockings for Christmas presents, found or made about twenty bags (including some specifically for Halloween candy-collecting), finished four more tool rolls for the teenage children of friends… oh and that orange plaid coat? — all done.  (I need to get out the dressmaker’s dummy for when I want to photograph clothes in the future, I think. Even though it’s a pain).  Putting out all of my recent creations in one place has given me a good deal of confidence in my growing abilities as a sewer/tailor/seamster/maker, too.

Part of it is that there’s a massive amount of completed work on the table (and in the bookshelves, where those baskets are).  Thirty things that I’ve made, all in one place — and knowing that maybe another twenty have left the house.  Fifty things.  Oh, and the 15 or so quilts on Etsy (more to come soon).  Plus some pirate coats, and a few more quilts that were private gifts before I felt confident in my ability to make things for sale to others…

Yeah.  My goal was to make a hundred things out of fabric before the end of the year.  Between bags and quilts, coats and jackets, vests and baskets, I think I’ve hit that goal or come pretty close.  I still have a couple of weeks left, too.  Maybe I can hit 150 items… I have a better sense of how to work to that standard now, too.


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