Sewing: pattern basket

Hold the presses. This is extraordinary.

Turns out that these fabric baskets are the perfect container for the envelopes that clothing patterns come in. Like— the perfect size. And suddenly I need five or seven more of these baskets than I planned to need. I already thought I would need fifteen. Now I need twenty-five. (And I’m finding that the scraps from making them make great Christmas stockings, too — and the process of making them is different than the bags I’ve been making, but parallel in some ways, too.).

But this is what happens, I suppose: I’ve realized that these baskets are an organizational boon. They hold the standardized size of Molskine notebook o like. They are the right size for the geomancy journals/casebooks I bind by hand. They’ll hold a massive number of Fat Quarters each; many sewing enthusiasts make them in themed colors so they know what kind of fabric is stored in them. I don’t know that I’ll get that far. But I might.

And I’ve just realized that they’re often the perfect size for storing projects-in-process.  Each bin is the right size for finished squares of a quilt that haven’t been assembled yet.  Which means that having spare bins on hand to store the quilt parts in, is not a bad thing.

Even better, it feels tremendously powerful to be able to make my own storage solutions.  No more plastic bins needed. I make my own storage systems now.

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