Astrologer’s scarf

It’s a rainy and unpleasant day here in the valley. I finally got tired of being tired, and got out my knitting. It’s been a while since I was able to work on a project. Part of the reason for that has been this monster of a project I had in mind — to knit a Dr. Who scarf.

Of course, this is me. I can’t just knit any Dr. Who scarf. That iconic but of character costuming belongs to Tom Baker, who wore the scarf for four seasons on the hit BBC show. No, I have to knit the same pattern but in different colors.

Whose scarf is this? Why, the Astrologer’s scarf. I’m not the Doctor, I’m someone else. Maybe I’m a Time Lord, maybe I just use time lord systems in my astrology. Either way, it gets chilly in Massachusetts, and I know how to knit.

I just hope I have enough yarn. And enough patience. The pattern came from I’ve chosen to replace each of the seven traditional colors of a Doctor Who scarf with a traditional color associated with one of the seven planets of classical astrology:

  • purple for the Moon
  • orange for Mercury
  • green for Venus
  • yellow for the Sun
  • red for Mars
  • blue for Jupiter
  • black for Saturn

We’ll see how it goes, shall we?

More importantly, knitting is one of those skills that more Maker programs should teach in schools.  It’s cheap to do, it’s an ancient art-form, it yields useful products, and (in its more advanced forms) it teaches 2D to 3D formation.  It can even be used, in a way, as a tool for teaching how 3D printers work.

More Makers should knit, really.

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