Banners and appliqué

A member of the Druid order to which I belong gave me a commission to make them a pair of Temple banners. The banners of the East and West have trilithons on them: shaped rather like the letter pi from the Greek alphabet.

So that was the first task: making the trilithons at the right scale for the banners.

When I made these banners for myself a year and more ago, I didn’t know much about appliqué work. I didn’t know that you had to stabilize the fabric with some kind of backing. I didn’t know that you got substantially better results by applying interfacing to your work.

I do now.

The other thing that I was surprised at, the first time I did this, was how folding and pressing a piece of fabric can transform from a weird blob into a precise shape. You wouldn’t believe how strange a trilithon looks when it’s unfolded from a shape ready to appliqué.

The third thing is that these two trilithons look like three pieces of fabric each. They’re not. Each is one piece, folded to shorten the legs of the shape and give the upper lintel block some additional mass.

Next up are the yellow triangles which are the Rays of Light emerging from the East and from the West. Fabric doesn’t like being triangular. This should be interesting. After that come the interlaced squares of yellow and green. I’d hoped to make a template of one piece and repeat it for the squares. No luck. It’s not the same size.

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