Quilt for Sale: Pink & Purple

Another quilt is up for sale on Etsy:

IMG_6316.JPGI think it’s a pretty cute quilt!

It’s composed of roughly 6″ squares arranged in a grid that’s 6 squares by 9 squares, or about 51″ x 35″.  It’s a “fence rails” pattern of long rectangles arranged in blocks, with the patterns of pink and purple arranged in rows and columns across the quilt, and it’s quilted into roughly 2.5″ squares.

IMG_6319.JPGI’m getting better at quilting the edge-bindings, too.  This is quilt #22 for me — I’ve made twenty-two of these things in various sizes and shapes, and so far this is my favorite pattern to make — uncomplicated and not hugely fussy or difficult.  At the same time it results in a strong and beautiful design that’s appropriate for a child moving into a crib for the first time; and it can remain a treasured heirloom of your house for many years to come.  At least, I hope.IMG_6317.JPG

It was assembled by machine, rather than being hand-quilted, so there’s a very good chance that if you wash it by machine, and tumble-dry on low, you’ll still have a quilt in good shape in 20+ years — likely faded but still beautiful and a reminder of past times.

For my own part, I’m closing in on one of my personal goals, which was to put fifteen quilts or other sewn objects on Etsy.  I should have given myself a deadline, too; so I’ll say fifteen sewn things by Halloween…

What do you think I should try my hand at making?

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