Spell: fabric + time = money

Here’s a spell for converting fabric, skill, and time into warmth, and warmth (sometimes) into money.  Collect some materials, thus:

  • 1/2 of a queen-size batting, $49*0.5=$24.50
  • Two jelly rolls @ $14.99= $29.98
  • Three yards of backing @$7/yd=$21

It’s nicer if there’s an overall color theme between all of the shell materials. Overall, that’d be $75.48. There’s also massachusetts sales tax, which is 6.25% — so I probably paid $4.71 in taxes on the materials.

Now add time. IMG_6186.JPGTime cutting the fabric.

  • Time ironing the fabric.
  • Time sewing the fabric.
  • Time pressing the fabric.
  • Time cutting the batting.
  • Time pressing the backing.
  • Time pinning batting and backing together.
  • Time quilting.
  • Time binding the edge.
  • Time delinting the finished quilt.
  • Time photographing it and describing it on Etsy.
  • Time waiting for a buyer.

It may be hard to believe this, but the time invested is love.  There is a degree of care and responsibility that must be shown toward the future owner of this spell — It is not a thing to be made slap-dash and casually; there is at least a minimum degree of care that must be shown.

Even then, mistakes will be made.  There will be errors in assembling this spell. Some of them can be fixed and managed; some of them cannot.  Some set of errors will creep into the finished product regardless of how much care you take.  Keep the end in mind — a finished and completed spell, intended to wrap the recipient in a cocoon of love and warmth — but recognize that your skill is limited, and some portion of the work may be compromised no matter how carefully you attend to the work as it’s being done.  This will likely increase the amount of time you have to wait before you find a buyer.


The result of this spell is a sum of money — received from a buyer who wants the spell, less some percentage charged by the merchant go-between who finds the buyer.  The spell is likely to work only once… then new materials must be obtained, new time must be invested, and new labor and attention and care must be presented to the materials.

But it’s important to remember that the spell’s purpose is not money. Its primary purpose is warmth, and warmth specifically as an expression of hand-made love. Once the spell is completed, try again — recognize the errors you made, be open about them both to the buyer and yourself, and try to be more skillful next time.  The work goes on even while you wait for a buyer.  In the meantime, the spell can wait for its recipient.  You, the sorcerer, however skilled or inept you may be, must continue to the practice, both in order to be more skilled, and to have your production of work draw potential clients in.  These things go hand in hand.  And thus is the work accomplished — a little bit at a time, through daily practice, and gradually-deepening commitment to the Art.

You can purchase this spell on Etsy, here.


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