For Sale: Quilts

Well, I’ve posted some of my first quilts for sale at my Watermountain Studio website.

So naturally… it’s today that I learn that I can offer these things for sale directly through my blog, here.  Ah, well.

On offer are some of the quilts depicted here:IMG_6131.JPG

The quilt that I’m proudest of, is this one composed of triangles. They’re not arranged in any particular order (other than to form a border of green-black triangles and blue triangles around the borders of the quilt).  Triangles and hexagons are really difficult to get right, and getting started on this project was a little terrifying. This is only the second quilt that I’ve ever done using triangles and hexagons, and I think that it came out pretty well for a second try.

The other three quilts are based on strips-to-squares patterns.  What that means, is that there are a series of strips, say 40″ long by 2 1/2″ wide.  Those are sewn together in groups of three, and then the groups of three are cut into squares of around 6-7″ on a side. Two of the quilts just have a standard edge-binding, like the Blue/Black/White Quilt.  One of them, the colorful one, has a semi-random pattern of gold dots that catch the light.  The Black/White Quilt has an additional border sewn around the edges. Seven of those squares long, and five wide, is about the size of what’s called an Infant’s Quilt in America, or around 30″ x 40″ finished and edge-bound.  A Crib Quilt is about 30″ wide by 54″ long, and that requires a lot more squares, of course.

So now these quilts are all available on Etsy.


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