Coeur d’Alene

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It’s pronounced “Cordaleen” if you want to sound like a native. Maybe you don’t.

Coeur d’Alene appears to have been a very sleepy town until the Coeur d’Alene Resort was constructed in 1989 by the Hagadone Corporation.

The first video here is from the Port Falls on the Spokane river, this time in Idaho not Washington State.  One of the still photos is of the river rushing below the dam (built in 1948 on top of earlier construction); the other is of the startlingly high bridge for I-90, one of America’s great east-west interstates.  I live about 80 miles from the other end of highway I-90, which ends as the MassPike or Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston. If I set out from Coeur d’Alene headed east, I’ll get home in five or six days. West, I’d arrive in Seattle eventually.

The second video  is a man kite-sailing on Coeur d’Alene lake.  This lake used to freeze until Grand Coulee Dam was built to the east of here and finished early in 1942, filling with water later that year.  Tuoday, Grand Coulee Dam provides electricity to eleven states and Canada… and this lake helps generate hundreds of millions of dollars for Idaho in electric power (yes, it’s part of a hydroelectric system), tourism and fishery


Spokane, Washington

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I’m in Spokane, Washington today ​​​with my dad.  From time to time we go on a “just the boys” trip together.  This year it’s Spokane to the Oregon coast.

Heres two videos of the falls on the Spokane River in the middle of the city. The rush of water is quite extraordinary.


​Spokane (pronounced SPO-can) is part of Oregon, and I’m told by many friends that Oregon is weird — though eastern Oregon is less weird than Portland and the coast. Signs of weirdness? We saw a completely naked guy walking round town with his fist in the air, a woman with an utterly blissful smile getting arrested, and a bunch of kids breakdancing in a park. The arts/entertainment paper has three pages devoted to where and how to buy cannabis for entertainment, while also including LARGE notices about the federal penalties for possession and the draconian drug laws just across the border in Idaho, 30 minutes east.

There’s a storefront maker space in downtown, just on the right and behind me in the scene of the bridge in the second video. We may try to check it out today.