Belgian Secret Binding

Having read a number of tutorials, today I went and learned to do the style of bookbinding called the Belgian Secret Binding. I quite like it. One of the problems with Coptic stitch is the exposed spine, which this design of bookbinding solves quite nicely.

This book has teal covers printed in a white hexagon pattern, and a Victorian abstract fleur-de-lys pattern on the inside. The pages are blank a per of a style called antique linen, and orange linen thread (waxed) is used throughout. Probably should have used black. I like the way a lightning-glyph of sorts is formed by the binding, but it takes nearly 60 inches of thread to do this binding in this size, rather than the 30″ I’d originally estimated. In my haste, while he glue pot was open, I also grabbed the wrong strip of cardboard for the spine, which is longer than it should be.

There are five signatures of four sheets each, for sixteen pages in each signature or eighty pages total. About the right size for a travel journal or a single project notebook.  Not bad for my first effort at this style.

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