Tai Chi Y5D7:

Did static qi gong this morning, rather than the two dynamic forms.  I held standing postures for about three minutes apiece, and then did four rounds of tai chi.

Doing tai chi the last few days has pretty much required that I say the names of the postures as I do them.  If I don’t, I lose my place in the form, which is awkward and weird and upsetting to me.  I’ve been doing this for five years; shouldn’t I know what I’m doing? On the other hand, this kind of thing — confusion, or imbalance, or difficulty — is usually the prelude to a breakthrough of some kind.  So maybe I’m coming up on something.  Yet it’s also the case that I can’t be attached to result, at the same time.

Nothing else to report.

Oh, right.  I also did a short round of meditation before doing any tai chi or qi gong.  I had the odd experience of feeling tension and stress in the right hand side of my face, with the right eye taking far more effort and attention to close and keep closed, than the left; and tension in my jaw.  I made relaxation of these muscles a priority, and by the end of the timed practice, the tension was gone, and both eyes and jaw appeared to feel normal.

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