Tai chi Y5D4:

Two qi gong forms, five tai chi forms.  There was a lot of confusion in my north-facing tai chi form, so I did it again.

When I say confusion, I mean confusion. The tai chi form I follow has a pretty rigorous order, as I’ve defined elsewhere, like the tai chi poem (link later, when I’m not on mobile). But sometimes I find myself doing fair lady works shuttles before I get to the golden pheasants.  It doesn’t seem to do any good to go back and insert the right tai chi moves into the wrong place. There is a time and place for play in tai chi,  as well. But when I’m doing the form, I want to do the form.

So despite what I said about not having attachments to how I do tai chi, I guess I have one big one: I want to do the form work correctly.  Yesterday I won the Spring Area Contest, and advance to the division level contest.

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