Tai Chi Y4D355: eleven days

Woke up pretty stiff and sore from some heavy lifting and carrying yesterday.  So after doing the druidic work, one of the first things I did was lie down on the floor, and stretch out my back.  Feeling much relieved, I proceeded to the standard two qi gong forms and four tai chi forms.

I didn’t want to do them, of course. I have been doing the same thing for several weeks, and my body rebelled a bit.  My qi gong forms were all over the place.  I did the first three movements of Five Golden Coins, and then the third movement of Eight Pieces of Silk, and then the first two movements of eight pieces of silk, and then the fourth and fifth movement of eight pieces of silk, mixed in with the last two movements of five golden coins, and then the last three movements of eight pieces of silk. I think that’s right.  All run together, it “looked something like this:

  • Join heaven and earth (Five Golden Coins)
  • Picking Apples (FGC)
  • Bend the Bow (FGC)
  • Join Heaven and Earth (EPS)
  • “Winging Owl” (EPS — I don’t know this movement’s official name, actually)
  • Bend the bow to shoot the hawk (EPS)
  • Neck twists (EPS)
  • Fist under elbow (EPS)
  • “touch toes, lift moon” (EPS – don’t know this movement’s official name)
  • “touch toes to press heaven” (FGC)
  • Carry Milk to Heaven (FGC)
  • “squats” (EPS)
  • Heel lifts (EPS)

What a mess. At some point, I should have just started over.  But I didn’t.  I kept going, and did the work of my four tai chi forms, which went fine.

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