Tai Chi Y4D354:

Yesterday I went to see a movie called “Most Likely to Succeed” about the state of American education, and what kinds of changes should be made to it, to make it more successful.  A lot of us in the audience were teachers, and I think many of us were amazed by the things we saw high schoolers doing.  But that’s always the case, isn’t it? When we ask students to do something, and we give them the tools and materials and coaching necessary to do it beyond well… don’t they succeed?

Tai chi today was like that.  I was very much aware that I had the tools for my own success; that I could do this; that I know how to do this; that I have carved out the space and time to do this, and that I can do it well.  Two qi gong formsfour tai chi forms, nothing particularly wrong or off-kilter about any of those six things.  Less than two weeks to go until year five.

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