Tai Chi Y4D330: Full Set

It’s nice to know that a “full set” means something very specific these days: four tai chi forms, each begun while facing a specific cardinal direction, and two tai chi forms.  I feel like I’d gotten it down to the point where one tai chi form was normal… and then I did only that for a long time.

Now I feel like my practice has ramped up a good bit.  Today I didn’t get as sweaty as I’ve gotten in the past few days, but I do feel that I got a workout.  I also feel like I’m doing a good job of fighting accidie.  By the time I get to the second tai chi form, the voice of protest in the back of my head has shut up, and has more or less accepted the idea that I’m going to be doing my thing whether it wants me to do that or not.

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  1. Okay, I thought my vocabulary ironclad, but you bumped me over to wiktionary with “accidie.” And French was my required foreign language! I have been schooled.

    • It’s a word that’s appeared many times in the annals of daily tai chi here, thanks to Christina a couple of years ago.

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