Tai Chi Y4D327: Another Full Set

Did another ‘full set’ today, two qi gong forms and four tai chi forms.  Broke into a bit of a sweat, felt good, and got the thing done.  My form was not good, and forget about the kinds of close attention to breathwork and footwork I had yesterday. I’m not operating on a good night’s sleep, for a few reasons (What can I say? Someone on the internet was wrong.)

It was an OK practice in other words, but not a great one.  And yet, now that I’ve recognized that this is or that it should be my daily practice, I think I’m going to find that it serves me pretty well in the long run.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Each day I find that somethings improve, or become easier, and then I slip back on some form that I thought I’d began to master. I think is part of Tai Chi to keep us open to ourselves

    • This has been Robert Mitchell’s comment to me in several of his other comments; we don’t progress in this art form linearly; it happens in several directions — forward, back, sideways, in several ways, according to our long-term, rather than short-term, habits…

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