Tai Chi Y4D306: Four again

I did four tai chi forms this morning.  It’s become my go-to routine, but it doesn’t take me an hour. AT least, not yet.  I still do it too fast.  Breathing correctly helps, of course, but it’s more than that.  It’s actually slowing down until the movements are incremental or almost mechanical in their slowness.  How does one become a grandfather clock when one doesn’t have an escape mechanism or Geneva wheel?

There’s been some popping in my right ankle and calf this morning.  A whole series of tightnesses and tensions released, and it feels much better.

I’ve been listening this morning to Gordon interviewing Austin Coppock. At about 1 hour in, Austin and Gordon discuss the entry of Inanna into the Underworld as being closely related to the retrograde-and-briefly-disappear narrative around Venus. Which makes perfect sense.  I love these podcasts, but other folks must listen to them on long car-rides.  My commute is about seven minutes; it’s not an adequate way to listen to these things; it’s not like I can listen to them when I’m doing tai chi. Although they are usually an hour long.  I could keep doing tai chi until the interview was done.  Something to try later?

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