Tai Chi Y4D298: Four

Did four tai chi sets this morning for about 50 minutes.  My goal was to get up to one hour by the end of the year, wasn’t it? I’m nearing that goal, although I don’t hit it every day.

At the start of my practice, I was stiff and sore.  There’s something in my right ankle that’s bothering me, and I’ve not been doing enough of the outward movement in my right arm; but I’ve been doing the inward movement a little too strongly. The result: unexpected tension and occasional pain in the right elbow.  Ow. Even after all this time, it’s not quite recovered.

But the prescription for recovery is clear.  If I got this way from over pressuring the inward movement, then the outward movement if done correctly should compensate. That’s what it feels like.  And it feels like it’s working.

Druidry work afterwards.  I don’t always remember to mention that I’m doing that daily, but I am.

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