Tai Chi Y4D286: New Year

I went through my links on the right side of the page this morning, and winnowed down most of the ones that hadn’t been updated in a while.

I’m going to be trying bullet journaling this year.  And I want to spend some time re-reading the Sun and Moon Sonnets this year as part of my practice.  It feels like a good way to check in with the world about climate change as it relates to my home area, New England (Sara called it ecoregion 221; anyway, it’s on my mind).  I’ll also be doing a separate series of posts about 31 days of magic, starting this evening or early tomorrow.

Tai chi this morning happened about 6:00am, but then I went back to bed because I was still tired from yesterday.  Egg nog is one of the tremendous pleasures of the season, and someone made egg nog from scratch for the party I attended yesterday.  My gods, it’s so good… but at what cost??

Anyway, tai chi.  One iteration of the form, no special attention paid to the eight movements.  I’m heavier and wearier than I can recall being as the end of a vacation approaches.  Along with this, on January 4 I’ll be starting a new round of tai chi studies with students at my school, some old hands from last quarter and some new folks who want to give it a try.  This means that in the next couple of days I’m going to have to give myself a refresher course in longer tai chi practice, because I’ve been away from it for so long.   I’m keen for school to start up again, and I’m genuinely eager for a resurgence in my practice… but I know that it’s going to hurt trying to get started.

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