My mother realized today that my arm has been hurting for a while, and sent me to see her physical therapist, early.  He did some pushing and prodding, and released my psoas muscle (as near as I can tell, he’s one of the few massage therapists who includes this in his regular massage process for nearly all of his patients, for which I’m thankful; if you’re a massage therapist, do you do this? It’s worth considering, I think).  And then he introduced me to a new muscle or two in the armpit, including what I think he said was the Teres major, the Teres minor, the subscapularis, and the triceps brachii.

I feel so much better.

But it meant that I didn’t get to my tai chi practice until almost sundown.  (I find that when I’m in Florida I tend to measure time as sun-up, sun-down, and bed-time.)  It was a really simple practice, no extraneous detail or extra work, and no particular quality to the form — although I feel like my breathwork was ok.

The really nice thing is that the soreness in my arm which has persisted for a number of weeks is essentially gone.  The therapist thought it would persist into evening, but break up by tomorrow.  It’s definitely better than it’s been in a week or more.