Tai chi Y4D281: Boxing Day 

Appropriate, really, to do tai chi on Boxing Day. Or any day, really.  How many days has this been so far? 366×3 = 1098, plus 281 is 1,379 days. Phew, that’s a lot. I got on this path in part because of Deb Castellano’s new year, new you manifesto. And in the principle of bringing light to others, I recommend her to you, readers.  

For my own part, my tai chi practice wasn’t particularly amazing. It can’t and won’t be down here in Florida. There’s not much going on, so you’d think I’d do well… But in truth I’m hanging on what my parents are up to and want to do, so I’m always squeezing my practice in around their whims and plans. So, just once through the form and that’s it. 

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