Tai Chi Y4D268: Late in the Day

I didn’t get to my tai chi practice until late in the day.  We had houseguests, and they were up before I was; I believe in communicating and entertaining the people who are awake in the household before doing my own practice. But then the opportunity never quite arose to slip away, and… do my own practice.  Augh! Oops.

So I didn’t get to do that until shortly before dinner. I’d have to say that it was a poor practice; I always do better in the morning than in the evening; always do better before breakfast than after sundown; always do better with an empty stomach than with a full day behind me.

But it’s done.

This week contains the halfway point in December; there are 18 days left in 2015… and it’s likely that at least three of those days this blog will have fewer readers than usual.  I was hoping this year would be the year that the blog’s readership passed the 30,000 visits mark — having missed that by only about 1,300 visits last year, or just 100 visits more a month, 25 more a week, a little less than four extra visits a day. Turns out to be a bridge too far to hope for that, and I’m not likely to do anything other than match last year’s numbers, exceed them sightly, or be slightly under that count in the next eighteen days.

But it’s probably time to start discussing what’s going to happen in the coming year. Do you want to see more tai chi discussion? More Maker culture posts?  What keeps you coming back? What do you skip?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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