Tai Chi Y4D263: Four/Teaching

Today is a teaching day.  I’ll be teaching Tai Chi today from about 12:15pm until 1:15pm.  It’ll be OK.

I’m aware that for several days now I’ve not had a good practice, or rather, they’ve been good, just not long or heavy.  So this morning, I did four iterations of the form.  I’ll save my qi gong practice for the practice session this afternoon, along with 20 push-ups and so on.  But this morning I did four tai chi forms, facing the four directions of the compass.

I’ve noticed, when I do this, that South and West are actually the most difficult directions to start in.  South is associated (in druidry) with Fire, and West (in druidry) with Water.  I made a fair number of mistakes in my iteration of the form while starting (and ending) in these two directions.  It’s kind of like being told, in a general sort of way, that there’s not enough energy in your practice, and not enough fluidity.

I’ll buy that.  Good things to be working on, generally.

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