Tai chi Y4D260: four / 105

I did four iterations of the tai chi form, and then Druidry.  I like the growing connections between one set of practices and the other as a set of conscious iterations of four. It was a longer piece of Druidry this morning, too, and I’ve enjoyed that work a great deal the last few days. 

Some of the practical issues I’m dealing with these days are a sore elbow and a bit of pain in my left hip. I really shouldn’t carry my wallet in my back right pocket — when I sit on it, it pulls my right and left hips out of alignment. Maybe women are better off for not having pockets in their clothing — carrying stuff in your pockets raises your chiropractor bills. 

There are one hundred five days left in this tai chi cycle, until I’ve done another year. What’s improved? What do I need to work on still? My goal was to get up to a reliable hour of practice daily. I hasn’t been practical. It’s been easy to commit to it when the weather is nice and I’m getting enough sleep. Not so easy when there’s growing darkness and cold and illness in the world outside, and the work is hard.  Rethink revise and realign to the goal? Or recognize its impracticality from the get go? More on this in the next few days, but advice welcomed…

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  1. The prophetess of the 2nd Key sits between the pillars of Mercy and Severity, and her wisdom lies in knowing when to be severe and when to be merciful (with oneself and others). This oscillation is like breathing, and breathing is life. Cessation of respiration is death. I advise breathing life and respiration into your “dead” regimen. You might have some 20 min days, some 1 hour days, the occasional 90 minute day, and some days off. And two weeks per year you should do absolutely nothing but eat, sleep, and veg out.

    My regimen: Temple rites (LBRP, LUX, and meditation) 7 days/week at dawn. Fall & Winter I train once/day and take off Thurs & Sun. Spring I take off Sun only and work out twice on Sat (one AM and one PM). Ditto for Summer except no Sat doubles. Workouts are about an hour, longer on Fri and Sat, shorter on Weds. Full week off between Christmas and New Years, another full week around July 4th, and sometimes a third week off around Labor Day.

    I do not claim to be all-wise, so please take or leave this info. I hope not, but I admit the possibility that I could be completely full of shit. Have a great weekend!

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