Tai Chi Y4D259: Slow work

Tai chi today, one set, followed by druidic work and meditation.  Not much, in other words.

I seem to be in this slow, down period.  I usually am in the winter.  As the days shorten and the nights get longer, it’s harder to get up and do a highly active workout; and lately I’ve not wanted to do even that much. I’ve done it — but I haven’t wanted to.

I read somewhere that artists (and presumably martial artists and magicians, and now as well, teachers) have their productive periods and their fallow periods very much like fruit trees or perennial plants — we grow and flower, produce fruit, and then lie dormant for a period of time before producing again.  I’ve had a pretty-productive autumn.  Now I have to figure out how to be actively dormant.  The oxymoron is relevant, of course, because I don’t get to shut down completely.  But I do have to figure out how to maintain my practice through the winter.

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