Tai Chi Y4D211: What I’m doing

Today marks Year 4, day 211 of my practice.  THere’s been a bump in readership lately, so you might want to check out the tai chi poem and drawings, which is a basic guide to my practice.  Quin in some comments a while ago, let me know about some structural problems with some of the verses, but I haven’t gone back to it.

Today’s practice was 25 push-ups, 25 squats, the qi gong form called Five Golden Coins, and one iteration of the tai chi form.  It’s one of the first times I’ve done a tai chi form that I felt encompassed most of the Eight Essentials: good breathwork, good footwork, inward movement, outward movement, upward movement, downward movement, splitting movement, and slowness.  The work took me about 40 minutes — which, when you think 3-5 minutes for the push-ups and squats each, and another 7-10 minutes for Five Golden Coins, and minimal time between forms/exercises for screwing around… means that the tai chi form was really about perfect in terms of speed.  There was also druidic work beforehand, so that sort of brought it up to about 55 minutes.

Which is why I didn’t do the tai chi form a second time today.

But hitting this sweet spot doesn’t happen very often, though it happens more and more frequently.  I have a little less than half of a year to go before I finish year 4 of my tai chi practice.  I’d like to get up to an hour of daily practice. before then — and yet it occurs to me that between tai chi and druidry, I’m just about there. Which is cool.

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