Tai Chi Y4d198: First Good, then Quiet

Gordon has pointed out more than once that first research gets good, and then it gets quiet.  Some of this may be the result of conspiratorial dealings in the shadows, otherwise known as having a career.  Some of this is the fact that as a daily practice expands, like my tai chi, there’s less to write about.  It feels like you’ve said everything important already.  And there’s also not much day-to-day change.

That said, my weight has been dropping lately.  I’m down about 5 pounds this week.  I’ve been eating less, but — and this may sound strange to those who don’t know me —I haven’t felt deprived of food.  I’ve felt full.  It’s been easy.  Ultimately I have to lose about 30-40 pounds; more would be better.  It’s starting to happen, though, and I’m feeling in control of it.

Tai chi today was nothing special, although it feels like there is a connection between the weight loss and the change in my practices.  I started with druidry, and then did 20 squats and 20 push-ups.  Five Golden Coins. Two tai chi forms.  Nothing special, as I said. But effective.

Oh, and also — there will be no September search-term trackback.  My blog was found by search engines 231 times in the month of September, but essentially I don’t know what any of those people found because the search engines are encrypting the search fields. As near as I can tell, they came for tattwa cards, for a pagan calendar, and for a worksheet on writing sonnets... but that’s about it.  Oh, and how to win the lottery.

But that’s what they always come for.  They never want to know how to walk a kid down the mountain. Or my Isaiah 6 moment in temple.

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