Tai Chi Y4D193: Chilly Grass, Cold Brick

This morning, I rose about 7:30, and went to do tai chi out on the lawn of the B&B where i’m staying.  The internet service is terrible here, although the hotel is quite beautiful and relaxing. I’m here for a family wedding, and it’s nice to get away from the bustle of school for a few days. There will be no entry tomorrow.

Outside, I did a short tai chi form and a short qi gong form.  I didn’t have a chance to do more, though. It’s about 43°F here this morning, and my feet were cold — first on the grass, and then even colder on the brick. As I finished the qi gong set, the lawn sprinklers popped up and began making a hissing noise. I stopped movement, and moved onto the pavement. A few moments later, the grass where I had been doing the work became covered in a fine dew of artificial mist.

I felt I’d done enough qi gong, so I moved onto the brick.  That was unpleasant; it was impossible to do the spins, and even the elaborate turns were hard on my feet.  Finally, as I was nearing the end of the form, another pop-up lawn-sprinkler popped up, and began hissing. I moved inside, to the porch.  The lawn began watering itself just as I did so.

The porch was even worse on my feet.  I managed to get through the tai chi form, but the rough boards were really roughing me up a lot. Then, when I lifted up my foot to do Windmill Kick, I misjudged the distance and knocked over a porch chair with my heel as I finished up.

To call today’s practice inadequate is an understatement.

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