Tai chi Y4D187: short response 

the Internet is down where I am, and I’ve used most of my data for the month of my current cycle. So today’s entry will be short.  This morning’s tai chi was only a single set, but with an emphasis on slowness and breath work. It took about fifteen minutes. No serious problems to report. 

Some insect bit me on the inside right bicep, twice, in the night. There’s no bite marks but two welts angry and red. They don’t hurt but they itch a lot. 

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  1. That sounds like mosquito. I get bites like that when the little monsters get into the house: a string of itchy welts where she bit, got unsettled, bit again, and so on.

    • I agree, very likely mosquito. Spider bites necrotize fast, and leave gaping holes in your skin and the flesh beneath them. Had one once on my leg, and it took six months or so to heal completely.

    • Goodness. What kinds of spiders do you have? I’ve had three or four spider bites, but only one necrotized. But spiders are many and gloriously varied, maybe northern ones are generally fanglier.

    • In general, we only have two dangerous spiders in CT: The brown recluse, which, if it bites you on the left arm, will likely kill you within 5 minutes of getting bitten (as the venom rushes through the bloodstream and stops the heart); and I think the other is the hobo spider.

      Unfortunately, I wasn’t bitten close to home, but in a hotel that catered to stranded international travelers. So I have no idea what it was that bit me.

    • Wow. I hadn’t heard that about brown recluses before, although it makes some sense. I thought they were mostly in the gnarly wound department (though I knew a young woman who had the misfortune of having her immune system flip out in response to a brown recluse bite: she had to be on a cocktail of meds to keep the tissue necrosis from *coming back and spreading.* Eesh).I’m surprised you don’t have black widows, as they are pretty adaptable. They’re not as dangerous as people tend to assume, though.

      Anyway, sorry to derail. I can totally be a 12-yo about bugs and snakes and icky things. ; )

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