Tai Chi Y4D177: Continuing

Woke with a pain or two in my back; must have slept wrong. began with some relaxation exercises — lying on the floor and alternately testing, tensing, and releasing individual muscles.  Then did 20 push-ups; more than that seemed risky. Followed it up with Five Golden Coins, and then two tai chi forms; then Eight Pieces Of Silk and two tai chi forms.  Pretty good practice; I was sweating by the end, although more from the heat and humidity than the workout.

I should mention, in this update, that I’m reading a book by Erik Larsen, The Devil and the White City, about serial killer H.H. Holmes’s horror hotel, and the construction of the 1893 Worlds’ Fair. It’s kind of interesting, kind of terrifying. I like reading about historical events like The Chicago World’s Fair… but reading about serial murderers is a new jag for me. I don’t think I like it much.

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